Your Job Has Changed

Producing Mission-Critical Results

You own it. You are the person responsible for one of the most misunderstood topics in the world today. Your job could simply be defining diversity — what it is and what it isn’t — except you know diversity has to be ingrained in every facet of the organization.

Diversity impacts the people you hire, the customers you serve, as well as an ever-growing community of stakeholders.

The IVY site is a place to let your hair down and engage with your peers and find out how they’re getting it done: Who should you report to, what resources do you have, what are the 10 things you do that make your CEO crazy?

Your job requires a combination of skills that most diversity officers don’t have when they land in the job. For example, how do you get out in front of your job and stay there long enough to produce measurable business results? This is your chance to learn from each other.

Of course we’ve seen our share of clients, so we’ll share what we’ve learned. First thing we’d tell you to do: Encourage your CEO to visit this site: They’ll learn more, more quickly about diversity, than if you were to send them anywhere else.

Additional resources for Diversity Officers: