Making a Difference

Influencing How the Organization Thinks and Behaves

You’re committed to diversity and inclusion but you don’t have the authority to commit company resources, create new policies, or manage employees.

But here’s what you do have: Influence over how the organization thinks and behaves.

You also:

  • Understand the company’s strategy and help translate that strategy into tactics at the smaller group level
  • Are the fabric of the organization and each audience — whether the executive leader, human resources, chief diversity officer, or sales and marketing — is better served when they draw on your expertise
  • Determine the likelihood that any new initiative will succeed or fail (the stickiness of the idea)
  • Are a thought leader in the organization — an influencer who understands the way things really work and, more importantly, why they may not work

While we believe that most change agents will come to the site as people inside their own organizations, it also should be noted that we anticipate that diversity practitioners will gravitate here, too.