IVY Planning Group (IVY) is a full-service management consulting and training firm. IVY provides strategy, change management and leadership development.

Founded in 1990, IVY has received numerous awards and developed a distinguished reputation with Fortune 1000 companies, large non-profits and government agencies.


Our mission is to assist our clients in realizing their success through the adoption of our vision statement as their own. We understand that we must first meet them where they are, and support them in a way that does not seek to judge them.


Our roots are in strategy development– core business management consulting that gathers quantitative and qualitative data, and synthesizes and creates plans and paths to organizational excellence.


Our passion is balancing strategy, diversity and the bottom line by leveraging differences in the workforce, workplace and marketplace opportunity. Everything we do is designed to enhance our clients’ ability to implement diversity.


Our commitment is to the bottom line – products and services that bring exceptional value to our clients.


Our objective is big: To ensure that every organization that makes a diversity decision is aware of the capabilities of IVY Planning Group.

Our Background

IVY is a minority and woman-owned firm that advocates taking action. IVY is a catalyst for change.
The diversity journey has evolved. The new focus builds on the connection between workforce (the people we hire), workplace (the environment we create for them) and the marketplace (customers and stakeholders). It connects diversity to the core of the business.

Best Practices

Working with large, complex organizations across industries and sectors, IVY has built a vast knowledge and database of best practices.  This provides IVY clients with a competitive advantage.